Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, simply call 570-759-2565 or email us at  In your email, be sure to include your location and the item(s) you are interested in.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We recommend making your reservation as early as possible to insure the availability of the piece you want.  We appreciate as much advanced notice as you can offer, but we can also accept last minute reservations as well.

Do you require a deposit?  What types of payments do you accept?

We do not require a deposit, but will accept advanced payments should you choose to make one.  Any advanced payment is completely refundable in the event of cancellation.

Cash is the preferred payment method.  We will also accept checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  There is a $20 charge for returned checks.

What type of surface can you setup on?

We can setup on grass, concrete or asphalt.  The surface must be relatively level and free from debris.  We will either drive stakes into the ground or use sandbags on hard surfaces.  We can even setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling height.

Can you setup at a park?

Yes, however, some cities may require special permission and/or a permit to do so.  It is your responsibility to gain such permission.

What type of power is required?

A standard 110v outlet within 100' is all that is needed.  We will supply the cord.  We ask that nothing else be plugged into the same outlet.

Does Backyard Bouncin' have insurance?

Yes, Backyard Bouncin' does have a liability insurance policy.  Please note that ALL individuals or companies that rent from Backyard Bouncin' are required to sign a liability waiver.  Backyard Bouncin' cannot setup any equipment until the liability waiver has been signed.  Click here to read the Liability Waiver. (Opens new window)

What is the policy in case of rain or high wind?

Inflatable rides must never be used if wet inside or winds exceed 20mph.  If there is a very high probability of rain and or high winds the day of your reservation, we will cancel the reservation.  If there is only a chance of scattered showers, it will be your decision on whether we setup or not.  Once the equipment is setup, there will be no refunds given.

Do I need to do anything special?

Please try to have an area picked out that is within 100' of a receptacle.  The area should be cleared of all sticks, toys, animal waste, etc.  Please do not mow the grass the morning of your reservation.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Just give us a call, there is no cancellation fee.  Please give us as much notice as possible.

What happens on the day of my reservation?

We will deliver and set up the equipment at a prearranged time.  The equipment will be cleaned and we will discuss all of the safety rules with you.  We will collect payment and have you sign the liability waiver.  At the end of your rental period, we will return to break down and remove the rented equipment.

Will you deliver outside of your free delivery area?

Sometimes we are available to travel outside of our normal delivery area.  Please email us with your location and what items you are interested in.  We will respond with the applicable delivery fees.